The Hunger: Games Ensemble is a compilation of hilarious and surreal VR experiences based on the Youtube video “4 VR Games That'll Leave You Hungering for More” by Hot Dad. Come hungry for four (or more) faithfully recreated VR experiences, as well as some extra content designed by Hot Dad and Spacetronaut. Bring a VR headset or enjoy starving with your normal gaming display using keyboard and mouse! You’re the gamer, and you choose how to starve! The Hunger: Games Ensemble was built in collaboration with comedy musician Erik Helwig, also known as "Hot Dad" and using original assets created by Peter Bjorndal for the "4 VR Games That'll Leave You Hungering for More" video. The Hunger: Games Ensemble is available now to wishlist at!


In 2017 Erik Helwig (Hot Dad) released the video "4 VR Games That'll Leave You Hungering for More", a comedy sketch poking fun at VR with absurd and surreal game ideas. Josh and Allen at Spacetronaut fell in love with the skit and reached out to Erik to make these weird fake games real. The game was made in the spare time between other projects, with new design and game ideas thrown in through a collaboration between Spacetronaut and Hot Dad. In 2020 the game has become a reality and is available on Steam!


  • Four (or more) surreal VR experiences you won’t want to miss!
  • A short romp that can be enjoyed in 15-25 minutes.
  • Featuring unlockable VR recreations of various music videos by Hot Dad!
  • No VR headset needed to play!


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4 VR Games That'll Leave You Hungering For MoreYouTube



About Spacetronaut

Spacetronaut is an independent two-person studio making games for every platform and focuses on making weird, experimental games. Spacetronaut is preparing on releasing The Hunger: Games Ensemble and has been working on Spherakill and other projects.
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About Hot Dad

Erik Helwig, musician and creator of "The Hunger: Games Ensemble", describes his works as "emotional comedy music." He started his channel as dotflist, and he now has over 150k subscribers on his Youtube channel where he posts comedy music videos and skits.
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The Hunger: Games Ensemble Credits

Allen-Michael Brower
Developer, Spacetronaut
Josh Grilli
Artist, Spacetronaut
Hot Dad
Musician, Writer, Actor