Spherakill is a fast paced multiplayer action game where the objective is to knock other players off of the stage by wheeling your giant hamster ball around to a punk soundtrack. Spherakill features online and local split-screen multiplayer, unique characters with special abilities, multiple game modes, and plenty of fun stages to bump your friends off of!


Spherakill was started as part of the 2017 Kentucky Fried Pixels game jam, a jam that took place over the course of a month. The idea was started from making a multiplayer ball bouncing game prototype and evolved into a full-fledged online and local multiplayer game coming in late-2021.


  • Fast-paced online and local multiplayer ball-bouncing action.
  • Fun and bouncy soundtrack that keeps you amped to bump your friends around!
  • Unique gameplay that keeps you coming back for more!
  • Features an imaginitive universe with fun, colorful characters!


Spherakill Alpha TrailerYouTube


There are currently no logos or icons available for Spherakill. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!


About Spacetronaut

Spacetronaut is an independent two-person studio making games for every platform and focuses on making weird, experimental games. Spacetronaut is preparing on releasing The Hunger: Games Ensemble and has been working on Spherakill and other projects.
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Spherakill Credits

Allen-Michael Brower
Developer, Spacetronaut
Josh Grilli
Artist, Spacetronaut